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    The Answers to All Your Questions

    Together, We Give. Ltd (UEN:  202139963N) connects and empower non-profits,
    donors, companies and people to pay it forward by buying meals/food for those in need.

    How can I make a donation?

    You can make a one-off or monthly donation using Together, We Give. Ltd ’s secure website, or you can
    contact us at if you wish to make a cheque donation.

    How does our program work?

    Together, We Give. Ltd reaches out to those in need of food security by collaborating with non-profit
    organisations through a food distribution program. We also work with these organisations on Job
    Placement schemes, skills workshops, youth development programs and community recreational
    activities for the beneficiaries.

    How are your donations used?

    80% directly feeds beneficiaries in need. 5% is invested towards fundraising and campaigns. 15% is used to help run and cover operational costs.

    Is it safe to donate online with my credit/debit card?

    Yes. All information provided to Together, We Give. Ltd is transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
    encryption. SSL is a proven coding system that lets your browser automatically encrypt data before you
    send it to us. We also protect account information through our secure site. Learn more – Privacy Policy

    Can I engage my school, company, community, family and friends in a project?

    Yes! Our Community and Partner Engagement team will work with you to identify projects that will offer
    your audience an opportunity to come together in a unified effort to help those in need.

    How do I request a tax receipt? Are donations tax-deductible?

    You will receive receipts for your donations via email if donation was made online, or via regular mail if
    donation was made offline. Also, every February you will receive a summary of all donations you made
    the previous year.

    We are currently in the process of applying for the status of Institute of Public Character (IPC) in
    Singapore. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way!

    How can I best support Together, We Give’s mission?

    By simply offering your compassionate generosity towards any of our many projects, you are bringing
    hope to those who pray someone will help ease their suffering.

    How can I give on a consistent basis?

    Our monthly giving plan allows you to automatically give on a monthly basis to support the destitute in
    the countries Together, We Give. Ltd serves.

    How can I volunteer or fundraise directly for Together, We Give?

    We are constantly looking for Champions for our cause! Email us at to get started!

    Who do we help and how do we determine who receives assistance?

    Together, We Give. Ltd collaborates with non-profit organisations around the world to reach out to those
    who need food security and support. Our beneficiaries include under-privileged families, children and
    youths at risk, the sick and elderly from all races, languages and beliefs. We identify the people and
    areas in the greatest need and work directly with them and our partners to help alleviate the severe
    needs first.

    How can someone receive assistance?

    Request Assistance from Together, We Give. Ltd

    How is our food funded?

    Together, We Give. Ltd rely solely on the support and sponsorship from the community, private and
    corporate donors to fund our programs and food. We are not affiliated to any government or religious

    What if I have a question or concern about my experience with Together, We Give?

    If you ever have anything less than a great experience with Together, We Give, we’d like to hear from
    you. It will be our pleasure to answer any questions or resolve any concerns to your satisfaction. Please
    email us at

    How does Together, We Give send Gift of Give overseas?Tab Title

    Together, We Give acquires donated goods from organisations, corporations, and our key partners
    locally and globally to deliver these goods to impoverished areas.

    Do you accept donation of stocks?

    Yes, we do accept donations of securities. We indeed appreciate this type of donation and are prepared
    to handle it efficiently. To initiate a stock transfer, do contact us at

    What other ways can I contribute?

    Many functions organized by Together, We Give donors allow them to volunteer, contribute and
    interact socially as they gather for a common cause: helping the poorest of the poor. If you would like to
    host a Together, We Give fundraising event, let us know! Contact the Special Events Department by